What is freight forwarding?

A freight forwarding company is an intermediary providing a whole host of logistic services required to move cargo from the manufacturing point (point of origin) to the desired destination. The destination point can be domestic or international. Using a network of third parties or own infrastructure facilities, a freight forwarding company handles and delivers cargo.

While handling the cargo, the company ensures the safety and timely delivery of goods. These companies use different transportation modes like air, ship, road, and rail to transport goods. To transport goods, freight forwarding companies enlist a dependable network of people that includes:

  • Carriers
  • Insurers
  • Custom agents
  • Advisers

The network comes in handy during the entire transportation process and is well equipped to handle all kinds of contingencies.


What are the tasks performed by the freight forwarding company?

Some of the tasks performed by a freight forwarding company include:

  • It decides the best route to be taken for the transportation of cargo. These companies have years of experience and are experts. They are aware of the fastest, dependable, and cheapest mode to transport cargo at any part of the world at any time. They have expertise in handling emergency situations, adverse weather, delays, re-routing with minimal impact on the delivery schedule.
  • It must process and prepare all the necessary documents for local or international routes. It ensures full compliance to rules and regulations to avoid any legal action or penalty in case of inadvertent violation of the law.
  • Book consignments with efficient carriers. They have an extensive and influential network that offers the best solution at a reasonable price. The sharing of networks is economically efficient and much faster.
  • One important task in the transport chain is proper documentation in destination countries importing goods. To limit the use of paper, electronic format is promoted.
  • To monitor cargo movement on land, sea, or air and provide the information to the client.
  • A freight forwarding company often acts as a customs broker and work for custom and other formalities.

Freight forwarding’s primary responsibility is to transfer cargo to its destination safely.


What are the challenges faced by the freight forwarding company?

The challenges faced by the companies include:

  • Compliance with product-related rules and regulations.
  • Preparing the necessary documents that accompany the cargo and are passed on to different parties during transportation. It includes bills, certificate of origin and destination country, specified goods and quantity, etc.
  • Passing the relevant and detailed information regarding the consignment, to other parties involved in handling and transporting cargo, by adhering to regulatory procedures. 
  • Dealing with the complicated procedure of any change (mode of transport) during the transport, which requires the respective changes in the documents.
  • Dealing with change in ownership of goods and transportation involved.
  • Ensuring the safe transport of cargo.


What are the benefits of utilizing the services of a freight forwarding company?

Some of the benefits of a freight forwarding company are :

  • Better efficiency

Freight forwarding companies provide the best cost-effective solutions to transport cargo and take care of logistics across the ocean and air freight.

  • Handle customs and paperwork 

All ancillary services are taken care of by a freight forwarding company that includes documents for:

  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customs Clearance and Paperwork
  • Non-vessel Operating common carrier documents
  • Bills of lading
  • Warehousing documentation

Without necessary documentation, fines or penalties are imposed, and freight forwarders’ documentation simplifies the entire process.

  • Providing cargo insurance

It is necessary to insure goods against loss or damage before transportation. However, it is expensive for a party to do the insurance of the goods by themselves. A freight forwarding company includes comprehensive insurance of goods in its standard package deal.

  • Quick delivery

An efficient freight forwarding company can move consignment from supplier to destination point without hassle. It can handle all the requirements in between. By exploiting the commercial relationships and channels in the supply chain and using an experienced workforce, a freight forwarder can cut down the time by weeks during the entire process.


How to select a good freight forwarding company?

It is vital to select a freight forwarding company that meets the expectations. Some of the required parameters are :

  • Air and Ocean freight handling license 

A good freight forwarding company must possess licenses with the IATA and FMC (Ocean) and TSA (air), or an NVOCC (Non-vessel Operating common carrier) where-ever applicable. 

  • Work experience is essential.

A large company with years of experience, staff, partnerships is essential while selecting a freight forwarding company. Large companies leverage their network to deliver consignment swiftly.

  • Freight warehouse solutions

If warehousing is required, check whether the freight forwarding company can make the arrangements. If yes, look into terms and conditions before selecting.

  • Pricing

It is important to understand all aspects of charges levied by freight forwarding companies. Transparency in pricing is the key to selecting the company.

  • Range of services 

It is crucial to ascertain if the company can be trusted and also the range of services offered. Details about the company in the public domain can help in making an informed decision.


Important things to know about freight forwarding companies 

  • Not responsible for delays 

A freight forwarding company isn’t responsible for the delay in delivery of the consignment. However, the efficiency of a company is determined by how effectively it delivered the consignment.

  • Complications are part of the business.

Freight transportation has many difficulties, and complexities may arise at any time. Even if a freight forwarding company is efficient but sometimes problems may occur that are out of control, so it is prudent not to work in haste.

  • Terminate the contract if required 

If your freight forwarding company is consistently negligent in the proper execution of duties leading to fines/penalties or delay in transportation, it is advisable to terminate the contract. There are plenty of freight forwarders with good past records available.

  • Building a relationship

It is crucial to select a freight forwarding company with a fully integrated logistics solutions provider. The company should have a vast global network that is strong and efficient.

Freight forwarding companies are instrumental in running international trade. It is a specialized field with expertise in logistics and supply-chain management. Freight forwarding is the invisible hand that moves the cargo within and beyond borders. It requires complete administrative knowledge, custom expertise, and a vast strategic network of partnerships to be successful. 

Why choose Bin Yousef Cargo?

Bin Yousef Cargo is one of the leaders in the freight forwarding industry. Established in 1985, it has truly emerged as a dominant, fully integrated logistics solutions provider. 

With a vast network of partnerships across 180 countries, it provides a complete range of required services in freight movement across the world. For over 35 years, they have been delivering industry-leading freight forwarding solutions with the help of the strong network of agents that it has developed. This way, it has been empowering the business and fostering growth in Qatar and around the world alike. 

Bin Yousef cargo is a one-stop solution to all your needs related to freight movement. The specialties include Sea Freight, Air Cargo, 3PL & 4PL Services, FTL, Project-Cargo Handling, Warehousing, Equine Logistics, Time-critical Logistics, White-glove services, Comprehensive Relocation Services, Customs clearance, and other Bespoke logistic solutions.

As a horse owner, moving your horse from one place to another is a stressful task. After all, you don’t want your precious steed facing health issues or experiencing severe fatigue by the end of the journey. It is important to ensure safe and sound horse transportation, especially during those long hauls you need to make with your horse! 

Equestrian logistics is gaining more and more prominence with our four-legged friends becoming frequent flyers. There are multiple questions that may pop-up in a horse owner’s mind before transportation; will they be comfortable during the journey? Are my horses susceptible to any health issues? Can they acclimatize in time to the new environment? Even if you have hired a freight company for equine transportations, it is important to verify the details before going ahead with their services. 

Airfreight carriers require horses to travel in animal boxes as air stables, which are then lifted using hydraulic lifts onto the carrier. Though most horses feel comfortable in this process, some horses are claustrophobic and may have to be mildly sedated in order to be transported. This calls for the experience and expertise of animal handlers to safely ship your horses across the channel to safety! 


Horse Transportation tips

All of these questions invite a stressful planning procedure for owners during horse transportation. So here are a few tips for owners to ensure and prepare their horses for a comfortable air journey. 

  • Choose reputable carriers

It is pivotal to choose reputable carriers experienced in equine logistics. Transporting live animals is not your average run-to-the-mill goods shipping where the prime concern is damage and loss. With horses, you are sending living beings to another country, and that requires careful handling.

Bin Yousef Cargo is a reliable name in live animal logistics where we take every care to ensure that your steeds have a comfortable and stress-free journey across the border. 

  • Food and water management

To ensure the safe transportation of the animal, you need to find logistics companies with proper food supply and water management during the flight. Find out with your freight partner what facilities they would provide for the equine logistic route. 

  • In-flight facilities

Choose an equine air logistics partner with all the necessary facilities in place for your horse. These may include:

  1. Hay: Throughout the horse transportation journey, the animal should have access to hay and feeds. 
  2. Water: As mentioned above, the horse should have access to drinking water throughout the trip. 
  3. Ambient Temperature: If horses are in an enclosed environment without proper ventilation, their body temperature tends to increase. Having ambient temperatures is important for the horse to be cool and stress-free throughout the journey. 
  4. Sedation: Horses rarely require sedation. However, if you are looking to transport horses who are journeying for the first time, it is advisable to ask the freight company about sedatives to help ease the horse. 

Bin Yousef provides quality air cargo and air freight services with state-of-the-art ground handling along with the place of departure and arrival. We facilitate customs, veterinary services, and quarantine facilities to keep your steeds healthy, happy, and journeying with ease. 

  • Transit points

Is your carrier bound for a layover? If so, make sure that the transit airport is well equipped in handling equestrian logistics. There are many international airports in the world that have animal transport and handling facilities like 24-hour veterinary service, quarantine facilities, foot horse stalls, permanent horse ramps, etc. To ease the stress of the animal during the waiting hours. 

Bin Yousef Cargo provides direct flights for horse transportation so that your steeds do not find the journey troublesome. 

  • High-quality air stables

Every horse needs to drop its head down to clear up dust in the lungs. In the case of tight spaces, the horse will find it difficult to do so, inviting diseases or infections. Ensure that the air stables provided by your logistics partner are spacious for the horses to be relaxed. 

  • Emergency preparedness

Horses may suffer from colic, choke, and lacerations during air travel. Therefore, you have to ensure that the logistics firm has the necessary equipment and facilities to tackle these problems. During horse transportation, refreshments need to be fed to the horse like hay and water at regular intervals. 

  • Flying grooms

The noise and smell of airports and airplanes are a new sensation for horses that are not seasoned travelers. These animals are attended by flying grooms. Flying grooms are experienced in handling nervous or distressed horses during transportation. They are qualified professionals with veterinary training to deal with any contingency facing the horse’s health. 

Thereby, as a horse owner, you should look for logistics partners with professional flying grooms.

  • Quarantine facilities

Infections among horses tend to spread rapidly, affecting other horses in proximity with the sick one. Therefore, the freight company should have quarantine facilities, especially before the animals are being exported. As a horse owner, you should ensure that all regulations are complied with during this period of isolation.

  • Customs and other documentation

Every country has its own live animal handling legal framework. As a horse owner, you will have to comply with various regulations on health certificates, quarantine requirements, and customs clearance. The good news is, most freight companies take it upon themselves to get through all the documentation and custom clearances required for horse transportation, so it is best to confirm with your logistics provider about this before sending your horses flying with them. 

  • Animal Transport Association (ATA) members

ATA is an association of logistics firms that have joined hands to make animal transportation safe and timely. Before gearing up for horse transportation, check out if the shipping company is a member of ATA. Conversely, you can also request ATA officially online and request help. The members would make all the necessary arrangements for your steeds to travel safely and comfortably. 

Bin Yousef Cargo is a proud member of ATA with experience in dealing with horse transportation and handling other live animals. We take the utmost care with your steeds to ensure a safe, sound, and seamless journey for them in cross-boundary shipping. From expert ground and transit port handling to veterinary and quarantine facilities, we have years of experience behind us to fly your horse to their destination without a single hassle. 

Horse transportations require careful planning and recognizing for the minutest details of fatigue or stress that your horse shows. As with any living being, horses take time to adjust to their new surroundings, physically as well as mentally. Thus, it is important to assure safe and secure transportation for your steeds and a decent time for them to rest before being put to work. However, the developments in air equine logistics have mitigated these risk factors with proper ventilation and in-flight temperature control. 

Bin Yousef Cargo is adept to deal with your horse transportation needs and ensures a smooth ride for your steeds while you can relax and be stress-free about your jolts being safe, secure, and healthy during their journey. We excel in the careful live handling of animals in and out of Qatar, as well as in domestic shipping. 

From professional line carriers to special flight charters, Bin Yousef Cargo manages the relocation of your horses expeditiously. With us, you can rest assured that your horses are flying safe!


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