We understand the sentimental connections one might have towards physical valuables and these attachments heighten during relocation from one country to the other. To ensure your valuables are transferred to your new location in its original condition, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Always choose someone who has professional packing expertise

It’s easy to get deterred by price variances, costings and convenience. However, the state of your goods in transportation will primarily be in the efficiency of packing the items. Each item based on its properties has unique packing materials and style specifications which some companies excel in.

  • Get insurance. Especially if your relocating internationally.

The importance of this could not be stressed enough. Products with insurance most times, somehow find their way back. Else, you can at least dampen the pain of loss with a refund. Sure, nothing can replace the sentimental value, but oftentimes, the insurance provided by professionals are handy to keep your mind at ease.

  • Choose a professional international relocation company

The market is filled with new ‘movers’ or relocation companies that can lure you with their prices and promises of safe delivery with prompt responses until you sign that cheque. Often times, once the payment is made and the items are in transit, their enthusiasm may not be so prompt anymore. Hence, it’s always best to work with veteran professionals that are operationally excellent and have been in the market for years such as Bin Yousef Cargo, to ensure the safe delivery of your valuables to your destination. 

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